Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference

Advanced Prostate Cancer
Consensus Conference: APCCC 2019

29-31 August 2019, Basel/Switzerland

APCCC Satellite Meetings - Application Form

APCCC satellite meetings are encouraged for country-specific or regional educational purposes.

In order to receive the APCCC logo and to re-use APCCC questions, the satellite meetings must:

  • Be approved by the APC Society (through this application for endorsement)
  • Generally be sponsored by more than one industry partner
  • Involve at least one member of the scientific committee or the panel of APCCC
  • Questions can be selected depending on specific needs.
  • The APCCC questions cannot be modified; however, the answer options may be modified upon specific needs/availability of a region/country.
  • Applications for APC endorsement must be sent to the APC Head Office at least one month prior to the planned event in order to allow enough time for the APC Committee to evaluate your request.
  • We also ask you to share the results from regional meetings with the APC Society in order to communicate and share these results on our website.
  • For purely academic purposes, the re-use of the questions is free of charge, for meetings involving industry sponsoring a financial contribution towards the APC Society has to be paid (Euro 5’000.--*).

*Please consult with APC Society if other amount is suggested.

Please click here for the Application Form