Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference (APCCC)

9 October 2021
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APCCC online
Live moderation by panelists, live voting & “Aperitivo”-Challenge the Experts Sessions
27 April 2022
Translational Prostate Cancer Symposium
28 - 30 April 2022
Lugano / Switzerland
Hybrid Conference

APCCC Online 2021 - Scientific Programme APCCC 2019 - report

NOTICE ON APCCC 2021 / 2022

The APC Executive Committee is highly conscientious of the impact that the current COVID-19 pandemic has on travel and event restrictions. We strongly believe in mitigating the spread of the virus while still maintaining the ability to facilitate the exchange between experts, and positively impact the lives of patients with advanced prostate cancer.

Therefore the APCCC 2022 is planned as a hybrid event. We will hold the conference as a face-to-face meeting, while providing the benefits of the conference in an online format. This opens opportunities for attendance to valuable experts from around the world, who may otherwise not be able to attend. Additionally, it provides us the flexibility to move to a completely virtual format, should a face-to-face meeting not be feasible next year.

In addition to the main meeting, there will be a virtual consensus meeting in October 2021 with a live moderation by panelists and a live voting.

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RT @ndesai2005: @hfernando_urol @APCCC_Lugano @urotoday Pre planned subgroup analysis by stratified randomization of STAMPEDE arm H @PCaPar…

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RT @hfernando_urol: @ndesai2005 @APCCC_Lugano @urotoday There is no reliable data that showed statistically significant OS and CSS in those…

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RT @ndesai2005: @hfernando_urol @APCCC_Lugano @urotoday I respectfully disagree. 1* site RT improves OS with ADR in low burd M1CSPC but not…

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RT @hfernando_urol: @APCCC_Lugano @urotoday Low volume disease, even if the tumour is metastasise, there is no survival advantage of RXT to…

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RT @Silke_Gillessen: We will vote on a similar question again @APCCC_Lugano October 9th while waiting for PEACE-1 results concerning the RT…

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🤔 In low-volume #mHSPC on ADT + Apalutamide or Enzalutamide, do you also recommend radiation therapy of the primary tumour? 1. Yes 2. No 3. Abstain...

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